Senior night questionnaire?

A senior night questionnaire is a document that is used to collect information from seniors about their experiences during their time in high school. This questionnaire can be used to identify areas that need improvement and to give seniors a chance to voice their opinion about their time in school. This questionnaire can also be used to help plan future events for seniors.

1. What are your plans after high school?

2. What are your favorite high school memories?

3. What has been your biggest challenge in high school?

4. What are you most proud of from your high school career?

5. What are your goals for your remaining time in high school?

6. What advice would you give to incoming high school students?

7. What do you think will be the biggest challenge you’ll face in college?

8. What are you most looking forward to about college?

9. What advice would you give to students who are struggling in high school?

10. How do you think your high school experience has prepared you for the real world?

What do you get seniors for senior night?

There are many great gift ideas for seniors that can be given at the last minute. Here are eight great ideas:

1. A special photo in a beautiful frame
2. A digital photo frame pre-loaded with photos
3. Jigsaw puzzles
4. Custom arts and crafts gift basket
5. Custom daily comforts gift basket
6. Custom entertainment gift basket
7. Tea or coffee gift basket
8. Everyday upgrades gift basket

Senior night is a special event to celebrate and honor the seniors on the team. It is typically the last home game of the season, and the seniors are celebrated and recognized by fans, their teammates, and coaches. This is a night to remember for the seniors, and it is a great way to show appreciation for their dedication and hard work.

What do parents wear for senior night football

Please remember that Parent dress for Senior Night at the stadium will be more casual than usual. We still want to show our school spirit and show our support for our Senior students by wearing jeans and spirit wear. Tickets will need to be purchased to enter the stadium.

Dear Senior Citizen,

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer a discount to senior citizens. One of Walmart’s biggest competitors, Target, also does not provide a discount to older adults. This may be disappointing to hear, but there are other retailers that offer discounts to seniors. For example, Kohl’s offers a 15% discount to seniors every Wednesday. Best Buy provides seniors with 10% off certain items, and BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a 10% discount to seniors as well. Be sure to take advantage of these deals!

What do you say on senior night?

Thank you all for being here tonight. It means a lot to me to have my family, friends, and teachers here to celebrate my senior year.

I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life, and I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received from everyone here. I’ve learned a lot during my time in high school, and I’m looking forward to continuing my education and career.

Thank you again for being here, and I’ll never forget the memories we’ve made together.

Many schools honor their senior athletes on Senior Night by giving them a small bouquet of flowers. The flowers are usually in the school’s colors, and the senior’s family members may also receive corsages or boutonnieres. Your local florist should be able to provide Senior Night flowers with tissue and ribbons in school colors.

What do 70 year old people do for fun?

It’s great to see that seniors are staying active and enjoying their favorite activities! Walking and jogging are great for maintaining fitness levels, and gardening and yard work are great for keeping active and enjoying the outdoors. Playing sports is also a great way to stay active, socialize, and have fun. Keep up the good work, seniors!

If you are a US military veteran, you can enjoy a 10% discount at Home Depot every day. This discount is not available to seniors as of 2022. However, you can get other Home Depot discounts by enrolling as a Pro or Pro Xtra member.

Does Amazon offer a senior discount


Thank you for your question.

Currently, Amazon does not have a dedicated discount program for seniors. However, they do offer Prime Access, which is a program where the discount depends on enrollment in specific qualifying programs.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for shopping with Amazon.

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1. Free Two-Day Shipping

One of the most popular benefits of Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping that comes with every order. No matter what you’re ordering, you can rest assured that it will arrive on your doorstep in two days or less. And if you need your items even faster, you can always upgrade to Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping for an additional fee.

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3. Prime Video

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How do you end a senior night speech?

Dear Graduates,

We would like to sincerely congratulate you on your achievements. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow and succeed. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. We know that you will make an impact in whatever you do.

Best wishes,


These are some of the best senior quotes that can inspire you to create your own future. Don’t let anyone else control your life, find your own path and follow it. Remember, nothing is impossible if you take that first step. Be brave and ask for what you want. You might be surprised at the answer you receive.

What do you give a football player on senior night

It’s always nice to show appreciation for someone’s years of hard work and dedication, and a plaque or trophy is a great way to do that. For a football player on their senior night, this is a thoughtful and unique gift that they’re sure to appreciate.

There are some flowers that you should never give to anyone. Aconite, begonia, buttercup, butterfly weed and yellow carnations are all poisonous and can cause serious illness or even death. Cyclamen is also poisonous, and orange lilies can cause skin irritation. Petunia is another flower that can be poisonous, so be careful with this one too.

What gift can be given to seniors?

As our loved ones get older, it can be hard to know what gifts to give them that will be both meaningful and practical. If you’re looking for ideas that will help your senior loved one stay healthy and independent, here are some great options:

1. A Medical Alert System: A medical alert system can provide peace of mind for both seniors and their caregivers, knowing that help is just a button away if needed.

2. A Session With an Aging-in-Place Specialist: An aging-in-place specialist can help seniors assess their homes for safety and make recommendations for modifications to help them age in place.

3. A Massager: A massage can help relieve pain, tension, and fatigue. A handheld massager can be used to target specific areas, or a full-body massage pillow can be used for a relaxing experience.

4. Pickleball Equipment: Pickleball is a great low-impact sport for seniors. It can be played indoors or outdoors, and all you need is a paddle, a ball, and a net.

5. A Flexibility Class: A flexibility class can help seniors stay active and independent by improving range of motion and reducing the risk of falls.


Generations past might be surprised to find that nowadays, many funerals are requesting donations instead of flowers. This change in custom is neither rude nor inconsiderate – it simply reflects the changing times.

What do seniors want most

As seniors become less mobile, their comfort becomes increasingly important. Whether they are at home or in a care facility, ensuring their comfort should be a top priority. Making sure they have a soft bed, access to a bathroom, and adequate heating and cooling can help them feel more comfortable and improve their quality of life.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on who you ask. The general consensus, however, is that the elderly are typically considered to be those aged 65 or older. This age group is further divided into two sub-groups – those aged from 65 to 74 years old are usually considered to be early elderly, while those aged 75 years or older are referred to as late elderly.

How do 70 year olds make new friends

Volunteering in your community or at your favorite charity organization is a great way to get involved and make a difference. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also get to meet new people and learn new skills.

Visiting a senior citizen center and participating in social groups and other scheduled activities is a great way to stay active and connected with your community. You’ll get to meet new people, learn new things, and have a lot of fun.

Joining a group focused on a topic or activity you enjoy, such as card games or a book club, is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. You’ll get to learn about new things, share your interests, and have a lot of fun.

Taking a class is a great way to learn new things, meet new people, and get out of your comfort zone. You’ll get to explore new topics, gain new skills, and maybe even make some new friends.

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to us about Lowe’s senior discount. Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not have a senior discount at this time. However, they do have weekly discounts, festival discounts, and other offers that let you purchase at the best price.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions, please let us know.


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What is the senior discount at Lowes

Many retailers offer senior discounts, which typically range from 10-15% off the regular price of items. Some stores also offer special programs for seniors, such as the Lowe’s Veteran Program, which provides a 10% discount on purchases both in-store and online. Ross Dress for Less also has a 55+ Program that offers a 10% discount on in-store purchases.

We offer a 15% discount every Wednesday to customers aged 60 or better. Limit one per customer.

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What is your favorite memory from your high school career?

What are your plans after high school?

What were some of the highlights of your high school career?

What did you learn from your time in high school?

What are your hopes for your future?

The senior night questionnaire was a great way to get to know the seniors on a personal level. It was interesting to learn about their favorite memories, what they plan to do after graduation, and what their plans are for the future. Thank you to all the seniors who took the time to fill out the questionnaire!